2017 felt like the start of something big (-ish, at least). I had been tinkering with the idea of starting something outside of my office job -- a “side hustle” if you will. But what? a fashion blog? An online shop? Maybe a more artistic hobby, like calligraphy? I finally landed on Woodward+Waverly, an Etsy shop for vintage costume jewelry. It allowed me to start my own business, have fun with branding and social media, dive a little deeper into the worlds of fashion and style, AND keep me busy on weekends by visiting flea markets and estate sales to hunt down really gorgeous vintage jewelry pieces. (yaaay, shopping!)

My new year’s resolution for 2018 is to expand Woodward+Waverly and to blog on all the variety of things I’m into -- fashion, like street style and red carpet glam, my favorite spots around Detroit and NYC (the two cities where I drew inspiration for the names “Woodward” and “Waverly), and just to include whatever else 2018 brings to me. The focus is just to have fun and be a bit of a creative outlet -- nothing perfectly polished or kept relentlessly “on brand.” 

I hope this blog is good for a laugh, hopefully evokes an opinion, and maybe even serves as a place to learn something. Enjoy!